Monday, 25 June 2007

Ciggie Ban Hypnotises City

It's nice having a variety of clients, it keeps things interesting. One of our more unusual is Matt Caulfield, he's a Neuro Lingustic Programmer (NLP), a bit like Derren Brown, only not as showy!

Matt was interviewed by the award winning Tom Ross on Capital Gold the other morning, talking about how NLP can help people to get over cravings and phobias, particularly smoking - or perhaps the fear of spiders or flying. (I know spiders is arachnophobia, I must look up the flying one...) Anyway, such is the power of radio, that before he'd come off air, Matt had a list of people enquiring about his services. But was it the power of radio? Or was it the power of suggestion? I must ask him.

By the way, this is the same person that told me to achieve weight loss, I should eat less and move about more.

Now, put that fag out!

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