Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Recovered from Tour

Recovered finally from the tour of Whitley Bay. So I'm back on line now.

Advertising being what it is - sometimes you have to have a good 'heated discussion' to recognise where you are and where you want to go. Needless to say we're now focussed

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Rugby Tour

One more sleep and I'm off to Whitley Bay for 3 days of excess and health carnage with Cannock RFC - I am officially getting to old for this sort of thing

Friday, 16 January 2009


To equalise my 4x4 ownership, I've taken to cycling to work! Having a bit of trouble transfering my ass to a mountain bike from my normal "roadie" - I almost came off trying to go down the steps to my drive! Next time I'll wheel it down. Anyway the thought is there, trying to do my bit for the environment and all that.