Monday, 23 July 2007

Italian Job Video Shoot

It's back to football again, but this time it incorporated something I like - cars! Asked by Marketing Birmingham to provide a red mini, white mini and blue mini for a re-creation of the Italian Job, around the streets of Birmingham I jumped at the chance to well, have a play!

Liveried up to promote the pre-season friendly between Inter Milan and Aston Villa the three cars - and drivers (thanks Ant from the WL studio, Andy soon to be of the WL PR team and Dave from Mini Sutton) provided some low-level stunts for the video shoot around Birmingham's Brindleyplace. The rain was torrential, I'm sure the video man ruined his camera. I thought there was a danger at one point of the Sea Life Centre bursting its banks, but luckily it held!

Then we were on to Villa Park, where it wasn't high speed pursuit, it was more very slow and tight manoeuvring, to get the cars on the narrow strip at the side of the pitch without touching the grass!

On the way back with the cars we were diverted by the flooding which lead to the headline "Flooding Fails to Foil Italian Job". We like a bit of alliteration.

I never knew football could be so much fun.

It's on Youtube at

Band on the road

Our newley formed band (aka "Mid life crisis" or "sore accident" havent decided on the name yet) had their first practice last Friday evening once everyone had left for the evening. That is everyone except two of our PR guys, who steadfastly refused to move. So we went on regardless. Anchored by Steady Eddie on bass, we couldnt go wrong - especially when we had an axeman like Will "Shredder" Rowson. As for young Nick from the studio (young as in not as old as the rest of us) and myself - the not so talented but slightly more eccentric guitar playing members of the group - we managed to keep up and even lead from the front on vocals for a couple of tracks. We even managed to get Andy, one of the PR bods up to sing a couple of numbers.

All in all it was a great success and more importantly great fun. We have 5 months until our debut gig at xmas and we nailed two tracks from our prospective playlist (Louie Louie by Motorhead and I wanna be your dog by Iggy Pop - notice a pattern emerging concerning difficulty levels!) and I am sure we can accomodate the rest between three guitars, a bass, shared vocal duties and NO drummer!!! Drummers who would like to apply for a position within MLC please contact us care of Ward Lovett.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Uttoxeter Race Day - mixed fortunes

Although the evening itself was a great success, personally I lost the shirt off my back. Guests were treated to 4 course meal and champagne and the weather held out for our sponsored race. Most people I spoke to seemed to have won something, I won the title of "Biggest single loss"

Friday, 6 July 2007

PR Bloke in the House

I'm not particularly political - but I had the chance this week to be in the House of Commons, in the press gallery for Gordon Brown's first PMQ's (Prime Minister's Questions). I loved it - even though I got shoved on one of the un-upholstered benches right at the back. There was an exciting atmosphere and it was fascinating to see an historical event.

The piece we did with the Head of Aston Business School for ITV News following that was good too - exploring the body language and performance of the big leaders!

Thanks to Prof. Mike West for being an excellent and knowledgeable expert and to Sally Mules from ITV for getting me into the House.

If you get the chance to go, I thoroughly reccommend it. And if you have chance to have a go at Houses of Parliament white wine, give that a go too. But that's a different story.