Monday, 23 July 2007

Band on the road

Our newley formed band (aka "Mid life crisis" or "sore accident" havent decided on the name yet) had their first practice last Friday evening once everyone had left for the evening. That is everyone except two of our PR guys, who steadfastly refused to move. So we went on regardless. Anchored by Steady Eddie on bass, we couldnt go wrong - especially when we had an axeman like Will "Shredder" Rowson. As for young Nick from the studio (young as in not as old as the rest of us) and myself - the not so talented but slightly more eccentric guitar playing members of the group - we managed to keep up and even lead from the front on vocals for a couple of tracks. We even managed to get Andy, one of the PR bods up to sing a couple of numbers.

All in all it was a great success and more importantly great fun. We have 5 months until our debut gig at xmas and we nailed two tracks from our prospective playlist (Louie Louie by Motorhead and I wanna be your dog by Iggy Pop - notice a pattern emerging concerning difficulty levels!) and I am sure we can accomodate the rest between three guitars, a bass, shared vocal duties and NO drummer!!! Drummers who would like to apply for a position within MLC please contact us care of Ward Lovett.

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PR Bloke said...

I have to admit, I was expecting disappointment, but they are really promising! Although, they do have to remember that volume is no substitute for talent!