Friday, 6 July 2007

PR Bloke in the House

I'm not particularly political - but I had the chance this week to be in the House of Commons, in the press gallery for Gordon Brown's first PMQ's (Prime Minister's Questions). I loved it - even though I got shoved on one of the un-upholstered benches right at the back. There was an exciting atmosphere and it was fascinating to see an historical event.

The piece we did with the Head of Aston Business School for ITV News following that was good too - exploring the body language and performance of the big leaders!

Thanks to Prof. Mike West for being an excellent and knowledgeable expert and to Sally Mules from ITV for getting me into the House.

If you get the chance to go, I thoroughly reccommend it. And if you have chance to have a go at Houses of Parliament white wine, give that a go too. But that's a different story.

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