Monday, 21 May 2007

Going Dutch

Just back from Eindoven where I competed in a Judo competition. At my age I really should know better, but didnt do too badly - just missed out on a medal and beat a couple of the youngsters on the way. However the reason for the posting was just how bad European music still is, was and will ever be so. How can one DJ, at one moment play ACDC and the next, some "Birdy Song" inspired techno eurotrash number. I thought it was just a tongue in cheek sarcastic inclusion that every one would take the micky at, but no, they actually enjoy this absolute rubbish and enthsiastically croon along to it whilst bouncing off the walls. Its obvious that musical taste stops at Dover!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Fabulous Popstar

I've just received the following 'out of office' message from a press release I sent out...

I am out of the office interviewing a fabulous pop star - back Thur May 17. "

How fab is that?

NLP for Weight Loss

Our new PR client, Matt Caulfield is an NLP practitioner - he specialises in making people perform at their absolute best. It's good for sports people, business people and apparently ideal for phobias such as flying and spiders. NLP has a reputation for helping people to stop smoking and lose a bit of weight. I stopped smoking years ago now, but I thought that shedding a few pounds would do me the world of good.

During a meeting between me and Matt, incidentally in nice restaurant, I thought I'd throw my desire to be slimmer into the conversation. Sort of casually. A couple of times in fact, before he picked up on it. Perhaps he sussed me trying for a freebie, or maybe it was subliminal, but what he suggested I do was "Eat less, and move about more."

What a gem!

I even felt slimmer, leaving the restaurant. The subliminal message was working!

Until the following morning, when I didn't hesitate to re-visit the kitchen for a second doughnut.

Thanks lads, for putting me in the way of temptation.

It's all about football

Despite my reluctance to do anything sporty, even spectating - I'm getting a tiny bit excited about meeting TommyDocherty on Saturday to watch the FA Cup at Bar Sport. I don't suppose I can sit down to lunch and tell him "I don't do football" can I?

Losing my Blog Virginity

Well after listening to a breakfast seminar about emarketing (one specific section on Blogs) we have decided to give it a go in an attempt to establish just how usefull a blog is, and if in fact it is more than just vanity publishing. Although I must say that I'm not feeling that inspired to write, as my head is a little fuzzy from watching Derby county beat Southapton in the play offs last night - a fantastic result but as it went to penalties, I spent far longer in the bar than anticipated.