Wednesday, 16 May 2007

NLP for Weight Loss

Our new PR client, Matt Caulfield is an NLP practitioner - he specialises in making people perform at their absolute best. It's good for sports people, business people and apparently ideal for phobias such as flying and spiders. NLP has a reputation for helping people to stop smoking and lose a bit of weight. I stopped smoking years ago now, but I thought that shedding a few pounds would do me the world of good.

During a meeting between me and Matt, incidentally in nice restaurant, I thought I'd throw my desire to be slimmer into the conversation. Sort of casually. A couple of times in fact, before he picked up on it. Perhaps he sussed me trying for a freebie, or maybe it was subliminal, but what he suggested I do was "Eat less, and move about more."

What a gem!

I even felt slimmer, leaving the restaurant. The subliminal message was working!

Until the following morning, when I didn't hesitate to re-visit the kitchen for a second doughnut.

Thanks lads, for putting me in the way of temptation.

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