Monday, 23 July 2007

Italian Job Video Shoot

It's back to football again, but this time it incorporated something I like - cars! Asked by Marketing Birmingham to provide a red mini, white mini and blue mini for a re-creation of the Italian Job, around the streets of Birmingham I jumped at the chance to well, have a play!

Liveried up to promote the pre-season friendly between Inter Milan and Aston Villa the three cars - and drivers (thanks Ant from the WL studio, Andy soon to be of the WL PR team and Dave from Mini Sutton) provided some low-level stunts for the video shoot around Birmingham's Brindleyplace. The rain was torrential, I'm sure the video man ruined his camera. I thought there was a danger at one point of the Sea Life Centre bursting its banks, but luckily it held!

Then we were on to Villa Park, where it wasn't high speed pursuit, it was more very slow and tight manoeuvring, to get the cars on the narrow strip at the side of the pitch without touching the grass!

On the way back with the cars we were diverted by the flooding which lead to the headline "Flooding Fails to Foil Italian Job". We like a bit of alliteration.

I never knew football could be so much fun.

It's on Youtube at

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