Wednesday, 8 August 2007

War planes and Shrek ears

There doesn't seem to have been much blogging activity recently. That's probably a combination of being busy and going out enjoying ourselves. Shrugborough Hall was the venue for our latest outing, for a picnic and classical concert. A very civilised affair and I'm impressed that we managed to make the champagne last until 8pm. I think everyone had brought with them the bottle they'd been saving for special occasions. Marks and Spencer did a roaring picnic trade too.

We were much amused by a friend of a colleague who we met in the crowd. She failed to identify one of the easily recognisable faces from TV in our party, but managed to convince herself that one of our lot was Tom Cruise! Now I'm not saying it's an hysterical mistake to make, but it really was pushing it a bit! How drunk was she?

Just like last year, the Spitfire fly past was impressive and the fireworks at the end seemed just a little bit better. Angela Rippon, bless her, I think was working from exactly the same script!

A familiy who must have had a job-lot of 'Shrek' ears caused much amusement, from Dad, who could have looked like Shrek with a bit of green make up, right down the generations to the baby, who to be honest could have passed for Baby Shrek too. Funny Family.

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