Friday, 8 June 2007

We've been institutionalised!

In our business, getting accreditation from the IPA - the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising - is quite an accolade. It's not like just filling in a form and sending a cheque, our whole business is examined for financial stability, procedures and professionalism. And then we're inspected! This morning we've had confirmation from the IPA that we've been 'elected' to membership.

In real terms, it means we'll have access to some more sophisticated planning tools, and someone gets to go to the 'new members' reception in London, along the other 5 ad agencies who've been admitted this quarter!

We've done well for quality this year; we got ISO 9001 and now this!

You soon won't be able to talk to us without an appointment!

1 comment:

Teflon Suit said...

Some days i find it bloody inpossible to get an appoinment anyway!