Friday, 8 June 2007

Getting on TV

When we get clients on radio or TV, we're usually right beside them, metaphorically at least - just out of shot or mike range. Yesterday was different; I was asked by the BBC if I would like to join them, with a couple of friends for a 'party' in a 8ft housing pod, where their presenter Rajesh Mirchandani was going to be staying over night.

It was a fun evening, with people cramped into a small space, getting to know each other and talking to Rajesh about the accommodation.

I took the precaution of wearing my loudest stripey shirt, so that I'd stand out on screen and minimise the risk of ending up on the cutting room floor (something my friend experienced, in his tasteful but calm shirt - he doesn't want to talk about it...).

At 6.30 this morning I was sitting eagerly in front of the TV, waiting for my BBC debut. And I was on! Handing my glass to Rajesh on my way out of the pod. Will I be up for a BAFTA do you think? or a London Press Club Achievement Award?

I've even worn the same shirt today, just on the off-chance that I'll be recognised in town!

My mother called at 8am, obviously she'd been told that her little lad would be on TV. I was expecting congratulations. What she actually said was "I think it's a disgrace that you're on TV at this time in the morning with a wine glass in your hand."

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